Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Obedience is Pleasure

"Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship."
- Oscar Wilde

Gosh, it's been waaay too long since My last blog post. You know how it is, life gets in the way sometimes. Well that is, if you have a life... which I do, unlike most of you dorks. lol


I know how much you boys have missed Me. I haven't been online answering emails and updating as much as usual. Aww, poor babies... I bet you feel like a lost little puppies, don't you? Well, I've been extremely busy with life and things that are quite honestly none of your business. I just haven't had the time nor the energy to keep up with everything. But, that doesn't give you boys a free pass to be lazy slaves. Some of you have been very good boys, while others of you have really fucked up and lost My attention for good. I have taken close note and have seen which boys are constantly Tributing and Worshiping week after week. These are the boys who will be lucky enough to gain My precious attention. The rest of you can fuck off. If you don't keep up with your servitude, don't expect replies to your emails/etc.
 I will just be hitting DELETE from now on.

 Which brings Me to this next important topic...
Tips on how EVERY slave can be of use to Me!

I gets tons and tons of emails asking how you can be of better use to Me. Of course the best way is always with your WALLET. BUT, for those of you broke bastards who cannot afford to tribute but still want to do something to keep in My good graces. Here are a few things you can do to please Me:

1. Search the web for pirated clips of mine. Report them immediately and then email Me the link.
2. Promote Me on various websites and fetish forums
 3. Make a twitter account. Follow Me (@Goddess_Lolita) and start retweeting Me! If you already have a twitter account, this is something that you should already be doing. (same goes for tumblr, reblog me)
4. If you are purchasing My videos from Kinkbomb, make sure to rate them 5 stars
5. Make a tribute video or send pictures showing your love and devotion to Me 

Let's see what else...

HAPPY FALL! ... My favorite time of the year : )
Happy 1st day of Fall! The best time of year. : )
Follow Me on Twitter @Goddess_Lolita

IMPORTANT! Mark your calendars... The countdown has officially begun, less than 2 short months until My birthday! It's time to start putting away more and more of that paycheck each week, so that you can properly SPOIL and TRIBUTE Me on My birthday, December 6th!!!! 
I'm feeling extra GREEDY this year, you've been warned. ; )

I've added some sexy new stuff to My wishlist. I want it ALL. Don't think... just SPEND, like a good boy. My wishlist is only 9 items away from 900... let's make it happen, like NOW! *snap, snap*
You may also send Me amazon gift cards to: WorshipGoddessLolita(at)yahoo(dot)com

Hell Yessss! Lots of BIG clip sales, which I absolutely *love* to see.
And of course, I deserve it all and much, much MORE. $$$$$

I HIGHLY prefer that you purchase My clips and send tributes via Clips4sale

Image preview

Image preview

Owly Images

Owly Images
Image preview

Image preview

Image preview

Image previewOwly Images

Owly ImagesOwly Images

Owly Images

Owly Images

Owly Images

Now it's time to reach into them bulging pockets and pull out the fat wallet and deposit your CASH where it belongs, into the palm of My pretty little hand. You will spend your week buying ALL of My new clips, until you have every single one. You will watch them again and again. You will become more and more addicted. And you will have no choice but to SPEND more and more for your Goddess.
$$$$$$ I am your EVERYTHING. You want Me to have it ALL!!! $$$$$$

$$$$$ NEW CLIPS!!! $$$$$$

Girl Scout Handjob JOI

Lace in your face

Already a #1 Top Selling Clip!

Voices in your head 7.0

Already a #1 Top Selling Clip!

Huge Perky Tits in your Face

Already a #1 Top Selling Clip!

Long Hair Obsession

Arousing Red Lipstick Kisses


Erotic Ice Seduction


Hot Pink Princess Lips


Sexy Bra Goddess

Busty Bazooka Bubbles

Already a #1 Top Selling Clip!

Black Lipstick Seduction


Sexy Tongue

Shiny Purple Sex

Already a #1 Top Selling Clip!

Nothing but a wallet


Big Glossy Lips

Shrimp Dick Chink


Bubblegum Tongue

Financial Fuck Over Part 24

Sleepytime Seduction

Slutty Red Lips


Until next time!

Goddess Lolita

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