Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hooray for updates! (you're welcome)

So, as you can see Blogger did indeed delete My entire website and all My old blogposts. There "automated classification system" apparently marked My entire site as spam...idiots. Luckily I was able to salvage some of My content from the past two years. I'm working on restoring this site little by little. I may move everything over to wordpress.... I'm not sure yet. 
The blogposts that I was able to save are located HERE

Anywho, onto more exciting topics!
My 2013 started off fabulous, as it should. I made an appearance in the Clips4sale top 50 studios, which is quite an accomplishment, seeing as how I only have @ 200 clips in My opposed to 800+ (just sayin') 

(Screencap from: Your Future)

On a sidenote: Clips4sale tributes are now being accepted via your credit/debit card!
You should totally tribute like right now! ; )

(Screencap from: Your Future)

The past few months have been AMAZING for Me as far as gifts! My amazon wishlist is nearing 700 purchased items already. What can I say, I love having everyday feeling like Christmas. Keep up the good work... dominic, r, thorsten and jason. Good boys. ; )
Valentines Day is only a few short days away. And what better way then to show your Love and Devotion for your Goddess, then by sending Me a lovely gift or cash tribute in the mail. Speaking of cash tributes, My new slave g is REALLY stepping up to the plate and has been sending his cash tributes on a weekly/semi-weekly basis for the past few months now... good boy, g!!! : ) I am VERY pleased with you. Take note boys, CA$H is ALWAYS My favorite form of tribute.

Feast your eyes on some of the recent gifts and cash tributes I've received. $$$$$$$$ Yum:

******* New Clips *******

As always...keep spending, keep worshiping, keep your love and addiction for Me growing. It is only natural that you become Obsessed with Me. How could you not? ; )
Pleasing Me, pleases you.
Goddess Lolita