Sunday, November 26, 2017

you are nothing, Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING!

The most important day of the year is coming... December 7th!
So I hope you boys have spared your paychecks, because it's time to show your Loyalty and Devotion!
What have you done for ME lately?

Spoil, Adore, Submit, Obsess, Spend, Suffer, Tribute, Worship, Ache and Obey! Let yourself get lost in MY will.


Mind Tingly, Dick Hard 2.0

Come get lost in the mesmerizing dreamy world that I've created for you. A place where only you and I exist. This is exactly where you need to be...


Breast Obsessed 7

You can't stop this OBSESSION. It's slowly taking over your mind, body and soul. I already told you silly boy, there is no escape...

Magical Unicorn Lips

The more you stare at My lips the weaker and weaker you feel yourself becoming. So sparkly, so mesmerizing, so magical...

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Erotic Under Boob Tease 2.0

Teasing My horny boob addicts in this skimpy little top. Seductively rubbing, bouncing and exposing more and more of My huge tits. Try not to pop a boner... NO CUMMING allowed! I want you hard, horny, weak, throbbing and aching for Me. You want to be My good boy, don't you?

Dreamy Blue Seduction

Seducing you in blue lace. You can't take your eyes off My big perfect tits or My sexual gaze. Don't you just love this semi-sheer lace bra? Slave purchased of course! ; ) I can't remember the last time I purchased a bra for myself. That's what I have My addicted boybots for! I snap My pretty little fingers and you spend, spend, spend! 

Sweet Lips

Teasing you with My sexy lips. Lots of gloss, lip licking and air kisses. How bad do you want to kiss these sweet lips? 

Cum 4.0

 Do you like it when I talk dirty? Mmmm... watch My sensual lips as I pronounce the word "Cum" over and over again... making your horny cock throb with every sexy syllable. 

At My Feet

Let's face it, you're a weak, horny loser for My feet. Totally addicted to My petite size 6 feet. My pretty feet are all you can think about. You realize your place is at My feet. And you will pay extra for the privilege like a good foot boy. Enjoy the view. Titty Trance Part 10

I want you to relax. Just breath in and out and let your mind go blank. Focus on My huge tits as you feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper into the vortex of obsession. You belong on your knees for these big tits. You will do anything for My perfect huge tits. So braindead, so controlled, so mindless. Pump that dick up and down for Me slave. So weak, so horny. Edging that cock... building up that cum for Me. I want you on the edge, falling deeper and deeper for Me. I want you at My mercy, begging Me to CUM. 

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#1 in the TIT WORSHIP category on CLIPS4SALE!

Mind Tingly, Dick Hard

Melting your mind with My words. Teasing your dick with My sex appeal. Obsession is inevitable. Deeper down the rabbit hole you go.... 

Financial Fuck Over Part 39

Look deeply into My eyes. You want to be My good boy, don't you... 
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Don't Cum 6.0

Do you like it when I talk dirty? Mmmm... watch My glossy pink lips as I pronounce the words "DON'T CUM" over and over again... making your cock ACHE with every sexy syllable, while DENYING your orgasm.

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#1 in the DIRTY TALK category on CLIPS4SALE!

Shiny Red Sex

Once you see My huge tits in this shiny little red top you go totally brainde4d. You're just a lovesick stroking and spending boybot for Goddess to control. Totally at My mercy. The more you pump your dick to My perfect giant boobs, the weaker you become. And the more addicted you become, the more you want to please Me. Such a vicious cycle. 

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Ass Worship & Panty Tease

Look how horny you get while I tease you in My lace panties. Waving My sexy ass back and forth making you weaker and weaker for Me. On your knees, it's time to pucker up and BEG to kiss My ass, like a good bitch boy. 

Hard, Horny and Denied

 You know I own your cock. And nothing makes it throb harder than My gorgeous face and huge tits. Wouldn't it feel soooo fucking good to jerk it to My big, shiny, oiled up boobs? Hot, right!? I bet you almost came in your pants just thinking about it. Well, not so fast, My horny slave boy. You don't have My permission to cum. That's right... no cumming for you, only edging. I want you to ache for Me. I want you on your knees begging Me to cum. Accept your fate... Hard, Horny and DENIED! 

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#1 in the ORGASM CONTROL category on CLIPS4SALE!

Busty Boobs Bouncing

Bouncing, squeezing and caressing My huge natural tits. I know how weak this makes you. Such a weak sucker for My perfect boobs. Time to deepen your addiction... 

Sex Love Lust Magick Spell

It didn't take long for you to fall in LOVE with Me, did it slave? Once I locked eyes with you, it was over. And when My mesmerizing words entered your mind, I became all you could think about. Now you are addicted, obsessed and in total LUST with Me. It's time for you to go deeper as I use My SEX MAGICK on you. Let the feeling of mindless ecstasy wash over you as you repeat My mantras. Before you know it you will be stroking that hard, aroused dick for Me... faster and faster until you cum for Me, sealing your fate, as the SPELL is cast. I have you right where I want you. You will never escape.... 

Spit Addiction

Admit it... you're addicted to EVERYTHING about Me, even My spit!

Wicked Game

Once you've gazed into My enchanting eyes, it's already too late. I am far too powerful for you to resist. You will surrender. You will obey. You will become My mind fucked boybot for eternity. Don't say I didn't warn you... 

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Mouth Erotica

What do you love the most about My mouth? Is it My naturally plump lips, My perfect white teeth, My pretty pink tongue, My sexy saliva, or maybe you love watching Me seductively suck My fingers and lick My lips. Lucky for you I'm showing it all off for your viewing pleasure.

Sucking you in Deeper 2

You can't resist its pull, so go ahead and bow to the inevitable... 

The Busty Girl Next Door 2

Your favorite busty girl next door is back! ;) Another nice sunny day outside. Thought I'd relax on My hammock. My tight tank top can barely contain My big, round breasts. Hope My neighbors don't see!

7 Minutes in Heaven

A weak boob addict like you could never resist a clip like this. You can't look away. My BIG juicy tits mesmerize you as you fall deeper into addiction to Me. 7 minutes in mind-numbing heaven! 

Spend and Stare

Staring at My seductive cleavage makes you so weak that you can't resist this overpriced clip. You already want to hand over your cash. You want to be My BITCH. You want to please Me and the longer you stare, the more you want to spend. Spend and Stare bitch! Spend and Stare! Spend and Stare!

Loser Mindfuck

Watch this clip on your knees loser! It's time you learn your place. You are nothing but a braindead loser for Me to control. You will love My words and My laughter echoing throughout your mind. The longer you listen, the deeper it will all finally sink in. It's time to accept your fate and say it out loud "I am the property of Goddess Lolita".

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Lipstick Erotica

Excited aren't you lipstick addict!? My lips are so erotic! Every single time you gaze upon My perfect pouty lips, you become weaker and weaker. You are just a sucker for these soft juicy lips. How bad do you want a kiss?

High School Bra tease

Trying on one of My old bras from high school! My huge boobs are busting out all over the place. This small 34D bra can't even cover up My nipples, I have to hide them with My hands. Watch as I bounce, squeeze and jiggle My massive tits in your face, see just how much My boobs have grown!

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LunaPic Edit HighSchoolBraTeaseNumber1

Sexy Rip-Off

It really doesn't matter what this clip is. You will buy it because you LOVE Me. You will buy it because you can't get enough of Me.You will buy it because you WANT to lay all your CASH at My divine Goddess feet. You will buy it because pleasing Me is your only purpose. You will buy it because you are ADDICTED to Me. You will buy it because nothing feels better than handing over your CASH like a good boy and begging Me to take it. You've been waiting for this! It's time to go broke for Goddess Lolita.

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How hard do you want Me to FUCK you?
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Fucking with your Weak Mind 4.0

As you stare at My perfect image flashing on your screen you feel your mind melting away. Brain fuzzy. Heart racing. Cock hard. As you listen to My words your focus is becoming clear. You can hear My laugh echoing throughout your mind. Deeper and deeper, weaker and weaker as you enter a dimension where only you and I exist. You can't help but love when I fuck with your weak mind.

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Deja Vu Mindfuck

When you gaze into My eyes, no one else exists. Mind fuzzy. Dick hard. Such a weak lovesick puppet for Goddess to control. So addicted. So obsessed. You can't help yourself. You're just doing what you need to do. It's an endless cycle. It feels like Deja Vu playing over and over again in your mind...

Hooters Addiction

I know you have a weakness for My huge tits and tight hooters tops. Watch as I caress My overflowing cleavage and stare at you intently. My big boobs will consume your mind as I rub, jiggle, squeeze, bounce and flaunt them so close to your face. The longer you gaze, the more obsessed you will become. You won't be able to stop this addiction from growing... you've been warned! 

Glossy Lips Obsession

Watch as I apply an entire tube of lipgloss! I start with a nice thin layer of shiny gloss. Layer by layer I build up to a thick and sticky load of gloss all over My lips. So shiny, so wet, so erotic.

Shiny Gold Tease

My massive boobs in this tiny little gold bikini. Need I say more?

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Holographic Heels Tease

Modeling some hot new heels that one of My slaves purchased Me. I know you'll love worshiping My sexy feet in these clear platform heels.

Breast Obsessed 6

Enjoy the view of My huge boobs hanging above your face... almost close enough to touch! Watch as I jiggle, bounce and swing My big natural tits. I know you can't look away, huh, boob addict. It's no secret that you are obsessed with My breasts.

#1 in the TIT FETISH category on CLIPS4SALE!

Don't Cum 5.0

Do you like it when I talk dirty? Mmmm... watch My hot red lips as I pronounce the words "Don't Cum" over and over again... making your cock become harder and harder with every sexy syllable, while DENYING your orgasm.

#1 in the DIRTY TALK category on CLIPS4SALE!

Luscious Lips

You're such a sucker for My luscious lips. There's just something about My perfect lips glistening with gloss that drives you wild. Watch as I tease you with layers of shiny lipgloss, air kisses and erotic lip licking. My plump, wet lips have you addicted.

#1 in the LIP FETISH category on CLIPS4SALE!

Sheer White Sex

You're so easy. Once you gaze upon My big perky tits, it's already too late. You're addicted, you're obsessed, you're mesmerized, you can't help yourself! Watch as I rub, squeeze, bounce and jiggle My perfect boobs in your face. Can your weak male mind and horny dick handle this erotic seduction? I don't think so. Deeper down you go...

Come to Me

I know you've missed Me. You've missed Me teasing you with My perfect big tits and pretty face. But even more, you've missed Me controlling your mind. I know you crave listening to My words as you spiral deeper down into mindless obsession. Come to Me.....

#1 in the TIT WORSHIP category on CLIPS4SALE!

2016 Flashback

2017 will be over soon, but do you remember all My sexiest clips of 2016? Maybe it's time to refresh your memory.

Mouth Play

Opening up My mouth wide and giving you a nice view deep inside. Close-ups of My lips, tongue, gums, teeth, saliva and uvula. You love My pretty mouth, don't you. 

Hands off that dick

I know you love My HUGE tits overflowing in My sexy bra. You can't resist that "fuck Me" look in My eyes, or the way I lick My lips. I bet you want to jerk that dick for Me, don't you? Too bad you're NOT allowed. That's right slave, hands off that dick! Instead you can watch and drool as I tease you. Do you think you can watch this clip and not touch your cock once? I highly doubt it. Try Me.

#1 in the TEASE & DENIAL category on CLIPS4SALE!

Financial Fuck Over Part 38

Mmmm... $999.99! The highest price clips4sale allows. I know you're getting a stiffy just looking at the price of this clip, isn't that right addict? My greed turns you on. Knowing that I can take your money so easily, without a second thought, makes your weak dick hard as a rock. $999.99... gone in the blink of an eye! Mmmmm... sexy, huh?!

Oh! And like this good boy, don't forget to tip Me properly!

Big, Round & Bouncy

They're so big, they're so round, they're so bouncy and you're totally OBSESSED with them. Watch and drool as I tease you with My perfect boobs in this tight tank top. Your horny weak male mind doesn't stand a chance and you know it!

#1 in the BREAST BOUNCING category on CLIPS4SALE!

Mindless Zombie Slave

My face, My eyes, My lips, My breasts, My ass, My words, My gaze... everything about Me is deepening your ADDICTION. So weak and MINDLESS as you stare at the screen and WORSHIP your Goddess. It feels soooo good to have Me take over total control. This is exactly where you are meant to be. You are My MINDLESS zombie slave, programmed to OBEY.