Friday, March 29, 2013

In like a lion, out like a lamb...

Well... March certainly "came in like a lion".
My life has been crazy busy and hectic. For starters, I've begun house hunting! I'm not moving far, I will still be in the same area, I'm just moving into a bigger home. I will most likely be moving late spring/early summer. So, you boys better start saving every extra dollar you have... because I'm going to be expecting lots and lots of amazon gc's for My new place and of course it is YOUR duty to get Me every little thing My heart desires. And as if house hunting wasn't stressful enough, I've also been dealing with computer issues (long and boring story that I won't get into) and of course the cherry on top of this stressful month was paying My taxes (ugggghhh). So as you can see, I haven't had any free time to get to emails. I'm actually scared to even open My email (yikes). If you are one of My good boys, please know that I am not ignoring you, I am just completely overwhelmed with a million different things right now. I will try My best to reply to all emails sometime this upcoming week. With all this stress lately, thankfully I've had a FABULOUS month to make up for it. This has been My most profitable month to date! Check out all of My accomplishments this month!
Being in the Clips4sale Top 50 Studios!
and having the Number 1 Studios in: 
Mental Domination
Bra Fetish
 Big Tits
Mouth Fetish

 photo everythingforgoddesslolita_zps6d140c53.gif

And of course, how could I forget the THOUSANDS that My babydick jay spent this month! Mmmm....can you say, yummy! $$$$$ I love a money slut who know his place.
(Yes, that is My initials on his tiny little pee pee)
Keep begging, slut jay. *smirk*  #slavery #findom #femdom
ANOTHER $500 Tribute from My slut jay!!! This only makes Me even more GREEDY! #financialdomination


(that's most of the screencaps, I don't have the time to go back through millions of emails to find the rest.)
Mmmm....looking back on all of these clip sales and tributes really turns Me on, I love seeing just how weak and tortured you are for Me jay.... awww poor baby. ; ) 
I see lots more suffering, lots more mindfucking and of course...lots more $500 tributes in your future! Yum.

(Above is a nice little cash tribute I received in the mail from a potential new slave. He took note that I love money in the mail and sent Me some. Good boy, "d" I look forward to more!)

My wallet thorsten made a few small contributions into the bank of Goddess Lolita... and purchased a few lovely gifts off My wishlist. Nice, but I want MORE...lots MORE. $$$ Snap Snap! $$$
Good boy, thorsten.... keep 'em coming. You are nothing but a wallet. Spend and stroke and Stroke and spend. $$$$

And My good boy dominic has done an excellent job on My wishlist! I've gotten tons of awesome gifts from him this month! Lots of sexy clothes, lingerie, makeup, video games (love walking dead and batman!) and he almost always includes sweet notes of worship with his gifts.
My wishlist is now over 700 purchased... on My way to 800! :)
$$$ Keep Spending: My Wishlist $$$$
I love these sweet notes. How thoughtful. : )

And lastly, this is where I was going to write about My mindfucked asain loser.... BUT I will just say Fuck You, idiot. You know exactly what you did, and you can just shut your ugly fucking mouth and continue to be ignored until you earn your
 way back into My good graces. 

********** New Clips ***********

Satin Glove Seduction

Deep Inside My Mouth

Financial Fuck Over Part 20

Barbie Pink Lips

Expensive Ignore

Voices in your head 3.0

* Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! *

Tight Dress Tit Tease 2

* Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! *

Sex Therapy Mindfuck

* Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! *

Goddess of your heart


* Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! *

Purple Lace Sex

* Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! *

Mesmerized by My Milky Tits

Sharp Teeth vs Soft Gummies

Financial Fuck Over Part 19

You Love Me

Valentine's Day Kisses

Voices in your head 2.0

Spend, Spoil, Serve, Submit, Suffer, Sacrifice, Succumb
...all for your GODDESS.