Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Your Bait...

Just a quick few updates and pictures to keep you Weak...Mindless...and completely
Under My Spell - just the way I like you.
So, after kinkbomb's second server crash, I've finally got My studio updated and fixed all missing files and animated gif's, it took awhile but it was worth it... because now My studio is back in the
Top 25... right where it belongs. Not gonna lie, I was considering giving up on kinkbomb, but due to this past month, I think I will be
continuing to update and promote My long as you boys keep spending there, I will keep posting there.

 Back in Kinkbomb's Top 25 Studios!

I've had a lot of serious stuff going on in My personal life lately
(I'm not going to get into it) and I haven't been on top of My emails like I used to. Due to this fact, I've noticed a few of My boys
who I thought were loyal...totally disappear. This just goes to show
which of you are truly here to serve Me as a loyal obedient slave.
I shouldn't have to hold your hand and tell you to tribute, spoil
 and worship Me, this is something that should already be embedded into your brain. Pleasing Me should always be 
your main goal. Following My words and My will is
what brings you true Mindless Bliss.

Recent Gifts and Tributes from
My loyal slaves:
My perfect pet, dominic <3

*** I miss your sweet tribute letters "g" *** 

(Screencaps from "Purple Lace Sex)

Two boys who chose to Financially Suffer for Me, rather then 
buy the same clip at a much lower price. Good boys! : )
Such a good boy in GA. I love it when boys desire to financially suffer for Me. : )
Mmmm.... good boy. #findom #slavery $$$ : )

Yum. Another $100 @kinkbomb Tribute from "A" : ) That's My good boy!
Nice $100 @kinkbomb tribute from "A" ....such a good boy. : )

Mmmm.... and another one! I love boys like this. : ) So mindless, so addicted, so weak.

Perfect. I love this. : )

Screencap from "Tight Dress Tit Tease 2" Buy it here:

(Screencap from "Tight Dress Tit Tease 2")

**** NEW CLIPS! ****

Obsession Love Spell

MAC - Lady Danger

Long Hair Hypno

Chink Boy's Humiliation

Bikini Bust Out

*** Already a #1 top selling clip! ***

Expensive Fuck You

Deep Inside My Mouth 2

Voices in your head 4.0

*** Already a #1 top selling clip! ***

Dark Lips Fantasy


Look Deeply into My Eyes....

Til next time....
Goddess Lolita