Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines's Day 2014


$$$ Roses are red, Violets are blue...
Time to reach deep into your Wallet
and prove your Love is True! $$$

Loser Quote: "Today i LEARN the meaning of CRUEL INTENTIONS, so i trash my wife and family for YOU, Goddess LOLITA"

Loser Quote: "For a woman like You, any man falls deep and low enough to spit on his mother's grave if told to, his wife face willingly!"

Loser Quote: "The addiction is far greater than any desire, You are the REASON why my mind is seduced."

Loser Quote: "i devote my worthless life to working and jerking for my Goddess."

Loser Quote: "Thank You Goddess, so much for keeping me around.. i shall spend all i have on You and go broke for You.."

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Remember boys...
 Nothing says "I Worship & Adore you Goddess"
like lots and lots of BIG juicy...
$25 ::: $50 ::: $100 ::: $200 ::: $500

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