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Goodbye 2012!!!

Dec 31, 2012 8:34 PM

Well...2012 has come to an end.... it was a fabulous year! Here's a little treat for you boys, to end your year with a BANG!
Happy New Year's Bitches!!!
Goddess Lolita: 2012 Flashback:

Goddess Lolita: 2012 Flashback from Goddess Lolita on Vimeo.

Don't forget to head on over to My clips4sale studio and spend, spend, spend to show your appreciation.
And if you are a true loser, this free video is also for sale. Show Me what a mindfucked zombie you are for Me and buy it: HERE!

New slave video! I love this one. lol
Loser john the mindfucked boybot

Proudest accomplishment of 2012...reaching the
prestigious "Clips4sale top 50 studios" which I appeared in quite a few times throughout 2012,
but My highest ranking was #17!!! : )
(*cough* with only 159 clips... might I add!)

Lets see...a few quick updates:
I'm currently the #1 studio on Clipvia!
I've updated the look of My Clips4sale and Kinkbomb studios!
I have the #1 C4S studio in the "Dirty Talk" "Bra Fetish" categories
and I'm also ranked in the top 5 studios in "Financial Domination" "Tit Worship" "Big Tits" "Vampire" "Lip Fetish" "Lollipop Lickers" "Cock Tease" ...and so on, you get the point, I'm doing awesome! : )
My wishlist is well over 600 purchased (a huge gift/tributes blog will be coming soon) Keep spending...I want 1,000 purchased ASAP! 
*snap snap!* My Wishlist

A message to all My kinkbomb clip buying slaves/fans:
If you don't start rating all of My clips 5 stars, then I will no longer be listing My clips on kinkbomb. If you can't find 2 seconds to show your appreciation and respect and rate My clips, then I will stop finding time to upload My clips to that site. Got it? Good!

And while we're on the topic of slaves, I'd like to give credit to some of My good boys of 2012:

 2012 Good boys 

UK money slave jay - By far spent the most money on clips this year. I'm proud to say that he has ALL of My "financial fuck over" clips...a lot of them he's even purchased several times! He doesn't bombard Me with millions of emails, like so many of you idiots do. He requires very little attention and spends the most. He knows he is a loser and he knows his only purpose is to be My financial fucktoy. Good boy jay. Keep $pending and $uffering for Me, like a good little bitch. : )

Slave "r" - buys all of My clips as soon as I post them AND was the biggest spender for both My birthday and Christmas by purchasing Me an Xbox 360 & Wii U!!! And he is consistent with sending amazon gc's without My having to tell him to. Good boy r! : )

Slave "g" - He has been pretty consistent in tributing Me cash every week . He also checks in weekly and is polite and respectful.
Good boy g! Keep it up! : )

Dirty long tube sock slave -  this slave has been weakened and brainwashed by the sight of My dirty tube socks for quite a long time now and has been suffering his hard earned cash for My greedy pleasure week after week after week, with no end in sight.
(Get ready for more wallet fucking in 2013 bitch!)

Slave jake - New slave that I have high hopes for, he does as he is told....completes his tasks and tributes when told. Such a good little mindless zombie for Me. : ) 

French self-sucker "johnny" - not really My slave...but he did send Me My favorite slave video of 2012. It was very entertaining, very unique and very impressive. I love knowing that a loser would
go to such desperate measures for a mere crumb of My attention! Mmmmm.....Such a good boy. : )
Best slave video of 2012....priceless!!!
*** 8,200 + views and counting ***

"Cash Cow" Thorsten - Very good first half of 2012...not so
much as of lately, but worth a mention. Time to up your game, bitch. Let's see what you're really capable of! I want you to
ACHE for Me in every way possible. ; )

Loser john aka sissy joannie - This bimbo definitely entertained Me this year. Only problem is -- the slut doesn't spend any cash to gain My attention. Newsflash: My time = Money. Like I told you, hoe...if you want to go deeper, I expect you to tribute and earn it like all the other boys. Suck cock if you have to...just find a way to get Me My damn money so that we can move forward. 

More note worthy subs - New slave dominic, Lovesick slave jason, Shiny slave aaron, Cash cunt charlie, soulslaved and My "willingpet"


Jaw Dropping Boobs

Money Slave Mantras

Christmas Tribute to Goddess Lolita

Perfect 10 Boobs

Candy Cane Tease

~Dream a little dream of Me...
Goddess Lolita
Screenshot from My clip "Titty Mindfuck" Buy it Here:


Hot New Clips on Clips4sale

Web of Obsession

Busting Out

Juicy Red Lips

Big Boobs JOI

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 6

Gummy Bear Vore

Only 11 days until Christmas! Time to whip them wallets out again and $poil your Goddess!!! Don't disappoint Me boys.


Birthday Countdown 2012

It's that time of year again...time to
celebrate My Birthday! Time to reach deep into your wallets and empty them in My honor.
I expect all of you to sacrifice for Me on this blessed day. To make things easier for you boys,
 I'm breaking down the things that I want in order from most wanted to ....

***** 2012 Most Wanted Birthday Gifts *****

1. These Tickets <---
2. Birthday Cards filled with
Ca$h sent to My P.O. Box
3. Amazon E-Gift Cards 
4. Gifts from My Wishlist
5. Tributes via Clips4SaleClipvia and Kinkbomb

#35 Studio on Clips4sale 
Currently Number 35 on the #Clips4sale Top 50 Studios! Keep $pending!!!
My $100 Tribute Button is the Number 22 clip in the Financial Domination category!
Buy it! ---> Tribute Goddess Lolita $100

Kiss it, loser.

***** NEW CLIPS *****

Financial Fuck Over Part 17

Weakened by the Vampire Queen's Breasts

Financial Zombification

What do you think about this, jay?
I totally agree with him. 

Grape Bubbles

Horny for My Big Boobs


Queen of Halloween

Happy Halloween Bitches!!!
This month I really got into the Halloween spirit and produced lots of mindfuckingly haunting videos. I will be embedded in your subconscious, lingering in every deep, dark corner of your mind and haunting your dreams long after Halloween is over...and you will love every minute of it.

Check it out, I'm in the Clips4sale Top 50 studios again this month!
I'm currently ranked #31 out of over 50,000 studios!
Update: Scratch that...I just moved up to #17This is the
highest I've been to date! Yay :)

And if you haven't already, check out My new
 french slut sucking his own cock. It is EPIC!
Watch the video ---> HERE

Enjoy My free teaser videos:



Enter Weak One.... by GoddessLolita
*****NEW CLIPS!*****

Glamoured by the Vampire Queen

Living Dead Girl

Tight Dress Tit Tease

Already hit #1 in it's category

Financial Fuck Over Part 16

Purrfect Lips

Candlelight Confessions

Sweet Dreams

Little Red Riding Hood


Slave sucks his own dick for My amusement

Ooooh my.... the lengths some of you boys will go
to for My entertainment. lol

Hello Goddess Lolita!
Your website is such a masterpiece Goddess! I'm a really big fan of Your work and I must say that I've never saw such gorgeous, amazing and highly addictive woman! You're perfect Goddess!! I know Your website for a long time now but I'm perfectly aware that I'm just an useless bitch totally unworthy to be at Your magnificent feet. So in order to get just a few crumbs of Your attention I had to do something Your other slaves couldn't, so I trained for months to be flexible enough, and now I'm able to suck my own cock just for Your amusement Goddess. Damn I'm such faggot I can't even believe it... just a glance in Your wonderful eyes and I'm already craving for a cock in my mouth! Can You tell me what You think about the clip Goddess? Thank You sooo much Goddess Lolita.
Your bitch John

Bravo johnny boy, bravo! I am
thoroughly amused :) Good boy.


Tickets who REALLY wants to be a
good boy for Goddess!?!?
These tickets need to be purchased ASAP!!!

(in order of preference)
Cash sent to My P.O. Box:
Ms. L
P.O. Box 687
Havertown, PA 19083
Clipvia Tribute
Clips4sale Tribute (the new button next to the drop down menu) 
Kinkbomb Tribute

If you are looking to make a good impression
 on Me... this is how to do it.
EDIT: These tickets are now sold out! You idiots waited too long, so now the next available tickets are $600. I suggest one of you boys send this amout NOW, before these sell out!!!!

Pleasing ME, pleases you...this is your ONLY purpose. 
Don't think, just listen and OBEY ME.
Email Me for further details!


Fall Updates

Hey Pervs! In case you haven't noticed, I've started a Venmo account. Now you can send Me cash tributes even easier then before. Add Me and send Me lots and lots of MONEY! --> VENMO LINK

Here is a slideshow of some of the gifts I've received recently:
As some of you may know, I love HALLOWEEN!
I love the beautiful fall weather, scary movies, going to haunted attractions and of course...dressing up! One of My good boys
has already purchased Me a Little Red Riding Hood Costume,
but I want to have a few more on hand to choose from.
So, I've added some sexy costume to My WISHLIST.
I will be posting lots of pictures in the costumes, so that's even extra incentive for you to spend and spoil Me.

***** NEW CLIPS! *****

Mindless Boob Addict

Money Pits
Money Pits

Love Spell
Love Spell

Already hit #1

Bathrobe Ignore
Bathrobe Ignore

Black & White Tease
Black &amp; White Tease

Smoking Temptress Part 2
Smoking Temptress Part 2

Boob Bounce
Boob Bounce

Financial Fuck Over Part 15
Financial Fuck Over Part 15

Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 5
Hypn0tic Titty Tranc.e Part 5

Also, already hit #1

Femme Fatale Lips
Femme Fatale Lips

And don't forget to check out My new photo sets in
I make it so easy for you to click and spend,
click and spend and click and spend! ;)
Goddess Lolita


Wow....just wow.

This long ass email has been sitting in My inbox for almost 2 months now. Why you ask? Because I get several emails daily and I do not have the time nor the patience to read through some of the novels you losers write Me... BUT something about this one peaked My interest and I finally decided to actually read it. I've highlighted a few of My favorite lines. Ummm...enjoy? lol

To: My Goddess, My Queen!

Oh my Queen,...if you are reading this I am truly rewarded as I am so
unworthy of even your attention to my words. I know your time is precious
and I do write this in complete servitude to you, my Queen, My Goddess!

I just wanted to share my heart's eye of what I would see happening if I
were lucky enough to be in your prescence.

You gracefully strut into my home, as I bow to you and escort you to have
a seat on my couch. As you demand that I provide you with food and drink,
I quickly do so. Then you ask me,..."what do you have for me to be taking
up my time?", I answer,....Oh my Queen. I will do anything. To summarize,
I then sign over to you, my house, my cars, my entire bank account, and
make you my sole and only heir of all of my possesions. I also make you my
sole beneficiary in case of my death, as I would surely die if I was
denied the honor of just being able to kiss both of your HUGE and breasts!

To my surprise, you agree to allow me to kiss, and lick your Massive
beautiful boobs! As I kiss them, I look up into your eyes, as you command
me to gently kiss your gorgeous lips. You then begin to look around and
see my wedding photos in the house and become very angry, because you and
I both know that I now belong to you. I am your slave. I asked (you), my
Goddess please forgive me. You then ask me, "So,...where is this flat
chested wife of yours in the photos?", I say,..."My Queen she is at the
grocery store".

You then order me to pull down my pants as you can see I am very large,
and my cock is growing quickly under my pants at the crotch with Lust for

I obey you my Queen. My 11" cock stands up to attention and salutes you my
Goddess! You then order me to caress, and squeeze your massive breasts, as
I kiss you. Oh my Queen!, you begin to touch my cock, I can't
believe what I'm seeing! My 11" cock is literally growing larger, up to

Ahhhhhh, queen is so beautiful, sooooo huge busted. My cock has grown
massive. No other mere woman could've achieved what you have done my

To my surprise, my soon (EX - wife to be), walks in the door and sees my
huge cock up between your massive tits. She drops the qroceries and yells.
"what are you doing?" You just laugh at her and say, - "He belongs to me
now. This is now my house! You may either watch, or get out!" I change
nothing. I just keep pumping my massive cock between your huge mountains.

My wife breathlessly says,.... "Your cock, your cock, did it become
sooooo huge?" My Queen answers, " I have made his cock huge, and you shall
now watch him orgasm like never before. I will drain him dry, and he will
(still) be rock hard! " Just then, I shoot spurts of pre-cum, followed by
massive amounts of cum shooting straight up to the ceiling and raining
back down! You then demand even more cum! I continue to shoot off
6,7,8,9,10 times. My cock is so huge now, shooting with so much pressure,
& power.! You just laugh, and say,.."Ahhhh, very good my slave",....My
wife slams the door and leaves. I don't care! As you lower your top you
expose even more of your awesome size & cleavage! I can't beleive it! My
cock is still rock hard at 12"s! I now have no more cum, but am still
ejaculating but only blanks!

As you rub my cum all over your massive bust, you then order me to go to
my safe, get all of the money on hand. I obey, and return and adorn you
with it, surprised to see you only have on a bra, and panties! I gently
toss over $50,000 in cash all over you, as you command me to kiss and lick
your pussy! While obeying your every command,...I hear you, (My Queen)
say,..."Yes,....yes, bitch ass slave!, cause your Goddess to cum!"

After awhile you begin to cum. Mmmmmmm, Goddess tastes soooo good! I
then hear you say,...."Slide your cock into me slave!" As you are still
cumming, I slide my huge rock hard 12 inches deep up inside of my Goddess!
I'm almost in shock that I am allowed to enter into my Goddess! I am even
more surprised when my Goddess takes every inch of me! I slide long thick
strokes in and out of you yelling, "MY QUEEN,....MY GODDESS
LOLITA,....AHHHH YEAHHHH!,....I then explode even more cum all inside you
and over your huge breasts, as you say, "WORSHIP ME YOU SLAVE"! And I
begin to worship you my Queen!

It's been 2 hours since you've walked into my house, (which is now yours),
and,...(for the moment), my encounter with my Goddess has ended.

You then order me to go take a shower and clean up. As I drive you to the
bank. I then withdraw all of my money,.. $587,000 in cash, and hand it to
you my Goddess.

You then slightly smile as you take the money. You then command me to kiss
the tops of your two buldging massive tits. I kiss both of them, and I get
on my knees with thankfulness to my Queen.

You then give me some extra photos and video of you, and tell me to go
back home. (to your house now). You tell me to resume with jacking off
with lust for you. I then go home hanging photos of you all over the
house. I have your videos playing constantly throughout the house! Now my
cock stays huge, up, and constantly erect for you my Queen.! I am now
going to another bank to get a loan to have a statue erected in my front
yard. A statue of you my Queen. I will need it to worship you daily while
I am not within your precsence.
Thank you my Goddess Lolita! You have been
so generous and merciful to me! You have also given me a MASSIVE cock
through my complete lust for you!

Oh my Queen,....I await for your return. Until then,....I will watch your
website and videos, and continue to provide you with every penny I make.

You are so sexy My Goddess, are my Queen! I am your slave, my Goddess
Lolita, and I await your orders.

I know and understand, (I now), will no longer be interested in any other
women, for they are nothing! When I first looked into Goddess Lolita's 
eyes, I was under her command, but
 when my Goddess allowed me to touch and
squeeze her huge round breasts, I received in return a HUGE cock! Of
course, my Queen demanded it. She desired 12" for her own pleasure.

I am now forever addicted to my Queen. My Goddess is demanding and does
not joke around, but trust me,.......She is serious about being worshiped
with LUST, and obedience. Anything even slightly less will not satisfy

My Goddess wants all of the Men out there know that they will be rewarded
by bringing all of there money and property to her. She's also very
pleased to know that 100's of Men out there are Jacking off to her while
watching her videos in front of their wives. So,.....confess your lust for 
Goddess Lolita, and prove your loyalty to her! Shoot cum because of her,
but shoot the cum "for her" also in front of your wives or girlfriends
without hesitation! Lust without works is dead! And the Lust for Goddess
Lolita alone is not enough! You must give her all of you property and
 She will reward you with MUCH HONEY! The honey is not only growth
of your cocks, but the Honey is all the cum you will have to shoot for the

If, chance any of you have the extremely rare chance of meeting
Goddess Lolita, - she may test you and lick pre-cum from your cock. If you
have truly been loyal to her, your cum will taste like honey too her!

Please wives,....don't be upset. Your Husbands are under the command and
spell of Goddess Lolita. It's nothing personal,....but you have forever
lost your man. He will never, ever desire you again. He will forever hold
on in just the hope that one day he will be blessed enough as I was to
just touch my Goddess's Giant breasts! To kiss her beautiful lips. To gaze
upon her gorgeous face.

Oh my Goddess Lolita,..Thank you my Queen. I must stop writing now with
your permission. I'm about to cum again and need both hands on my cock!
Just the memory of being with you is causing another massive orgasm!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,.........Mmmmmmmmm,...........Ahhhhhh, Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!



Back in the Clips4sale Top 50 bitches!!!

Yep, that's right...check it out!
 Your Goddess is sitting pretty in the #27 #22 spot
on Clips4sale's Top 50 Studios:

 Now it's your duty to keep Me there!
Keep spending...Keep tributing...Keep worshipping
your Goddess, like a good boy.
Always remember...
A Rich Godde$$ a Happy Godde$$ :)

***** New Clips ******

Sucker for My Huge Boobs


$100 Tribute to Goddess Lolita

Pantyhose Perfection JOI

Titty Mindfuck

Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Cheeks

Eye Candy


Eye Candy

Greetings minons! 
Just thought I'd grace your lives with a little eye candy
and some quick updates from your Goddess!

$$$ I just LOOOVE seeing yummy clip sales
like these.... makes Me kinda moist. ;)
Even if you've already purchased all of My clips
(like a few of you have) there's no harm in buying
them ALL again, just to feed My greed and line My
pockets with even more ca$h. I can't think of a better
way to spend your hard earned money then pleasing ME.

A new slave has captured My attention with this little gem
of a video that he sent Me along with his slave application.
Good boy, this is exactly the type of initiative that I like to see!

My sissy loser joannie is working HARD for My attention
and with videos like this, I just may have to give "her" some.
Check out My little SLUT! LOL

A few of My most recent clips4sale accomplishments:

#1 Studio in the "Erotic Magic" category!

#1 Studio in the "Lip Fetish" category!

****** New Clips!!! ******

Skimpy Thong Tease
Skimpy Thong Tease

Already #1 in the "upskirt" category!

Soul Stealing Eyes

Bikini Titty Tease

Financial Fuck Over Part 14

Big Boobs Ignore Cam

Lusty Lips

$50 Tribute to Goddess Lolita
Buy on Clips4sale ::: Buy on kinkbomb
***You should be clicking this daily or weekly, at the very least...if you truly are one of 
My good boys, as a matter of fact, why don't you click that "buy now" button it right now!
Buy Now

Jessica Rabbit Boob Tease

Pink Stilettos Tease
Pink Stiletto Tease

And lastly, I've uploaded some titillating new
picture sets, click HERE to buy them all!

Now go buy Me something pretty. ;)
~ Goddess Lolita



Hola Bitches!...
It's summertime! And I'm sure many of  My lovesick boys
 have noticed that I am rarely online long enough to answer My emails or chat...oh well, deal with it. I've been super busy living life and enjoying the lazy days of summer. You boys should be grateful that I have been updating My clips studios as often as I do with
so much erotic worship material.
If you are lucky enough to gain an ounce of My precious time, consider yourself very lucky. I am only interested in spending My time on good boys who understand servitude and truly desire to spoil and please Me. My time equals MONEY. This is the ONLY way you will gain any of My time or attention.
*** No Money...No Honey! ***
Moving on....I have updated slave corner (check out the slave videos...they're hilarious! lol) and added a new fan mail page!
I have plans on revamping the gallery page soon keep an eye out. ;)

Recent Tributes from My good boys:
(over 50 yummy pics!)

My wishlist is nearing 500 purchased items!!!
Only 7 gifts left...if you are reading this, then you should go to My wishlist right now and do your part in getting Me to 500!!!
***Good boys $poil and OBEY***
I thought this was cute:
(courtesy of jwn)

******* New Clips *******
Kisses and Licks

Buy on Clips4sale ::: Buy on Kinkbomb

Deeper into Obsession


Already a Number 1 Selling clip

Pink Bra Seduction
Pink Bra Seduction

Already a Number 1 Selling clip

You can't resist paying Me!
You can't resist paying Me!

Mindfucked into Chastity

Sheer Desire
Sheer Desire

Already a Number 1 Selling clip

The Church of GL: Daily Prayer
The Church of GL: Daily Prayer

Controlled by My Cleavage

Financial Fuck Over Part 13

It's Stuck!

Just One Look

Hypnotic Titty Trance 4

Already a Number 1 Selling clip

***Note: I've also updated My clipvia studio with a few clips...Click and $pend if you want Me to keep adding more!
Ohhhh and you may also tribute Me via clipvia!
Click the link below:


SUFFER for ME...

That's right slaves. What have you done lately to SACRIFICE for your GODdess? As My slave, it is your duty to show Me each and everyday that you are somehow devoting your life to worshipping and obeying Me. Have you been a good boy forGODdess Lolita?
Ask yourself these questions:
Have I done something today to show
GODdess Lolita My love and devotion?
Have I worshipped ALL of her clips over and over again
until they are embedded in My mind...replaying
over and over again in all My thoughts?
Have I said My daily prayers in GODdess Lolita's divine honor?
Have I done everything that
GODdess Lolita has ordered Me to do?
Have I sent gifts and tributes to show My monetary sacrifice?
Have I made sure that GODdess Lolita is NUMBER 1 in My life?

Here are some of My Good Obedient boys:

My Ca$h Cow, on his knees
....preying at My HOLY Altar:

My UK Money Slave:

My good boy JWN:

Some Random Ugly Asian Loser:

Have you joined the Church of Goddess Lolita? It is time to bow down and Worship your new GOD and savior....begin your servitude by clicking the picture below:

I have been thrilled with My clip sales lately...I've really been climbing the charts and taking over weaklings, as My slave brought to My attention the other day ;)
I made Clips4sale top 50,
all the way up to the #27 spot!

and I'm the #23 studio at Kinkbomb!

*******NEW CLIPS!!!!*******

Blackmail Mindfuck

===> I've already gotten quite a lot of incriminating information....hmmm, are you scared of what will happen next?*evin grin*
(It's already the #1 clip in the Financial Domination category!)

Shiny Boob Tease

This clip is also a current #1 clip in the Tit Worship category!)

Topless Ignore
Topless Ignore

Financial Fuck Over Part 12

$$$$$$$$$$$ $poils!!! $$$$$$$$$$$

Mmmmm a few of My good boys have REALLY stepped up and spoiled Me rotten lately! If you're not one of them, then you are nothing to sad right...maybe the rest of you should take note on how to gain My attention! $$$ No Money, No Honey! $$$

My Kindle Fire! I LOVE it!
Good job My ca$h cow :)

(a case for My Kindle)

I'll be "Jessica Rabbiting" very soon! ;)

Money...Money...MONEY from My weak, addicted sock slave!

wearing the MAC violetta lipstick, I ADORE it!

Lifesaver! I needed this.

Some household items that I needed:

Arrived broken...I'm still am using it anyway :/

Such a Scandalous little set ;)

"your" money looks soooo much better on Me than in
your wallet, wouldn't you agree ;)

A few hundred more from My suffering sock slave!

OMG...I LOVE this color changing light 
even more than I thought I would!

Gorgeous! excellent job obeying My
Demands Ca$h Cow! ;)

I'm a big Resident Evil 5 fan, 
now I just need Sheva to go with My Chris

Cute corset, although the boob area is
 kinda small for My huge tits ;P

Click HERE to start showering Me with more gifts...


Cum and get it...

Calling all panty pervs and bra bitches...
I just listed some New Ebanned Auctions!
Here's your chance to own a piece of Me to place at your
Goddess Lolita Alter of Worship
Up for grabs...

My Used Thong Panties

My Extremely Well Worn Sports/Bedtime Bra

******New Clips******

Virtual Handjob JOI

I put a spell on you

Financial Slavery Trance

And....last but not least, besides buying My clips and bidding on My auctions, do something else useful with your cash...$pend it ALL on ME!
$$$ TRIBUTE ME $$$

Goddess Lolita

You are Trapped in My Web...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. You've become increasingly addicted to Me and My perfection....refreshing My website, My clips studios, My twitter...just waiting and waiting for updates and any small little glimpses into My world that you can obtain...I know you alll too well, don't I boy. Worshiping Goddess Lolita is your destiny, it's what you were born to do.


So, I'll start off with some recent gifts I've received from good boys and slaves...

Super Sexy Lingerie...I'm sure you recognize
some of these items from recent clips. ;)

(I bet you wish I were your student, don't you perv!)

I've gotten lots of  awesome PS3 games lately!

Love this game...already beat it!
 (awesome game... highly recommended. Great ending.)


Mortal Kombat rocks, I got the
 Freddy Krueger expansion pack.... I could do this:

I'm Addicted to this game!!!! <3 :)
It's My current Obsession!!!

I love these Bearpaw adorable.

Also got them in tan!

Now I just need the black ones to complete My collection! :)

Random things ...


1 year subscription to OK Magazine....
the gift that keeps on giving every single week!

Pure Fucking Sex.

$$$ These boots are going to drain your wallet and your a matter of fact, they have already started too. ;)

Sexy Costumes/Lingerie for Upcoming Clips!

Hair Care, Nail polish and Black Lipstick. Yum.

Ready for Springtime!
My pretty pink painted toenails

Introducing "Tasty Tony" My new stunt cock. lol.

Cold Hard Cash! Love it! $$$

 Don't ask.

Tasty Tony is such an attention craving whore....just look at him poking his head into the picture...literally. lol

Whoa!...easy tasty tony! hehe

I'm OBSESSED with True Blood. Meeooow!

My Top Want right now.....
*** Kindle Fire! ***
$$$ Make it happen! *Snap Snap!* $$$ 
Be a good boy and click HERE to make Me smile!

Onto a pet peeve/rant of Mine...which is YIM (yahoo instant messenger) I have been literally bombarded with offline the effect of: "Hello Goddess"..."Hello Goddess, OMG I am buying more of your videos, can I chat with you now!"... "Hi Goddess, how are you this evening?" and My personal favorite...."Are you there Goddess?!?!"
 Let Me remind you losers...
I do NOT chat for free. 
As a matter of fact, I don't even sign on to My yahoo messenger, unless I am paid too. Get it?
My attention is precious and I will not chat with you unless I am gaining something in return and it is worth My time. I mean, take a look at Me...when has a woman of My caliber ever given you the time of day for free....
Ummm....let Me answer that.....N-E-V-E-R.
Here are some helpful tips to access chat with Me online:
1.) If you really hope to chat with Me, the best way is to email Me first ( Do not send Me a million offline messages, they will be ignored
2.)  Tell Me what exactly you are looking for and/if you are wanting chat only or cam time
3.)  Ask Me what times I would be available
4.) Have your wallet gaping and be ready to use it!

My Attention is NOT free, you WILL pay for it.

********* New Clips ********

Sexy Shots

Financial Fuck Over Part 11

Boobie Trap Part 3

Fucking your Wallet

Under Desk Boot Tease

Hand Bra Waltz

Sissy Bimbo Trance

Boobie Trap Part 2

Boobie Trap


Triple Threat!

That's right boys...I'm a triple threat to your cock and your wallet.
Your Goddess is currently ranked as the Number 1 studio in the following on Clips4sale:

#1 in Financial Domination

#1 in Tit Worship

#1 in Big Tits

***New Clips***

Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 3
Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 3
"Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 3" is currently
the #1 Top Selling clip in the "Tit Worship" category on C4S.

Money Bitch for My Boots
Money Bitch for My Boots

Magnetic Lips Trance

$$$ Keep spending minions! $$$


I'm coming for you...

***New clips to spend your weekend 
worshiping, buy them ALL.

Big Tit Eroticism

Doctor Femme Fatale
***A must have's orders*** ;)

Greedy Valentine
Greedy Valentine

Financial Fuck Over 10
Financial Fuck Over Part 10

Oily Tit Seduction

"Oily Tit Seduction" is currently
 the #1 Clip in the "Big Tits" category on C4S

And of course...visit My wishlist and do some shopping for Me this weekend, like a good boy. 
Here's your inspiration..... 
Now get to $poiling Me....Click HERE.
Goddess Lolita


$poiled and Lovin' it! $$$

Ok, now that I have your FULL attention hehe ;) It's less than a week until Valentine's Day...which means you should be purchasing My gift(s) right now to make sure I receive them in time, overnight them if you have to! Get on it boys! *Snap Snap!* 

CLICK--->>>>   <<<<---CLICK

OR Send Amazon GC's to:

I've been a very spoiled Goddess lately and of course, I'm loving it! $$$ Keep Feeding My Greed! $$$

Here are a some pictures of My most recent gifts from My slaves and admirers....

Love this scent and the adorable bottle :)
(good boy, jwn)

Long Gown On...

Sequin Dress On...

Well...which would you rather do? lol 

I'm a karaoke fanatic! :)

(forgot to take pics of these, oh well)
Can never have too many nailpolishes! <3

Silver dress On...

My FAV...Cold Hard Cash in My P.O. Box!

Some early Valentine's Day gifts...

And how can I forget the tons & tons of tributes from My Ca$h Cow Thorsten! Keep the cash rolling in Thorsten, I know you can't resist giving into Me. *smirk*

Mmmm...just looking at all these tributes and seeing how weak and addicted you are too Me, gets Me sooooo fucking hot. Yum.

In case you are a total moron and don't follow Me on Twitter, I'll announce it again...I am now a Kinkbomb "Stellar Studio" Which means bigger payouts and more money in My greedy little hands.
 Send Me a Kinkbomb Tribute to Celebrate. ;)

*** New Clips ***

Erotic Money Trance 
Erotic Money Trance

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Corrupted by My Ass
Corrupted by My Ass

$pend & Stroke Tit Zombie
$pend & Stroke Tit Zombie

Pantyhose Ass Slave
Pantyhose Ass Slave

Financial Fuck Over Part 9
Financial Fuck Over Part 9

Hooters Thong & OTK Sock Tease

Chow...until next time bitches!
Remember your daily mantra...
Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING and i am nothing.
Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING and i am nothing.
Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING and i am nothing.
Keep your addiction to Me growing stronger and stronger.
Give in and OBEY...things are so much better when you do.
Goddess Lolita


Friday the 13th

Hi Losers!
Happy Friday the 13th...was it an unlucky day for you? Well, it was a pretty fabulous day for Me! Woke up to a few tributes and lots of clip sales. So here are few updates on some of My new slaves, clip updates and some super hot pics to fuel your ever growing addiction to Me.
I'll start with some slaves that have impressed Me lately.
First is My Ca$h Cow, Thorsten.
He has been serving Me for almost a month now and has quickly become My favorite slave....jealous losers? haha. That means he gets more of My attention and time....something of which MANY of you losers are starving for. 
Well done, Thorsten...obedience is pleasure and it feels soooo orgasmic when you give into Me, doesn't it. You already know that I want much, much MORE....and I KNOW that you will be filling My greedy little hands full of your hard earned cash, isn't that right. ;) *$nap $nap*

My Boston loser slut, has been desperately trying to earn My attention. He begs Me almost every single day for an ounce of My time, he is so eager and desperate to serve Me...I love when boys BEG. lol. Here he "she" is in a few pics, trying to amuse Me...such a naughty little slut.  

P.S. Time to send another amazon gc, whore!

My good boy jwn...has been continuing to spoil Me, picking up a few more gifts off My wishlist...including perfume, a sexy black dress and the leopard print bra below. Keep it up jwn, I am very pleased. :)

My longtime sock suffering slave continues to be lured into My web and can't resist the urge to keep sending Me Ca$h in the mail. Suffer bitch, SUFFER!

Look at this perfect, plump booty...Can you blame him? ;)

And I had a few weak boys in Spain and Austria purchase My Financial Fuck Over clips. 
I highly recommend starting with Financial Fuck Over Part 1 and working your way alll the way up to Financial Fuck Over Part 8, for the FULL FUCK OVER EFFECT. Hehe *smirk* But, like I mentioned on of the Fuck Over Clips is actually quite sexy...that is, unless I'm just fucking with your weak mind. I guess you'll just have to buy them ALL to find out. ;)

Hi Footbitch...I caught your offline message to Me the other day...

My new clip "Money Lust Trance" is so close to being the IS the #1 clip in the Financial Domination category on Clips4sale. I want you boys to make sure that it stays there.
If you already have it...BUY IT AGAIN!

# 1 "Financial Domination" Clip on C4S!! :)



Leopard Print Bra Tease

Money Lust Trance

Buy them on Clips4sale OR Kinkbomb
...and don't forget to pay your CUM TAX pervs!
and surprise Me with something lovely from My Wishlist.
Goddess Lolita

Ending the Year with a BANG!

Hi My Losers, Geeks and Sluts!
Well 2011 is officially almost over and I can't think of a better way to end the year then on TOP! *Cheers*

Check it out boys...
I have the #1 Clip on Kinkbomb!!!!!!

And I'm always topping the charts over at Clips4sale!

I am looking forward to 2012 being even BIGGER and BETTER!
*Cheers to a Fan-Fucking-Tastic 2011* 
Goddess Lolita

***New Clips***
(buy them ALL...Delete and Repeat!)

Your Midnight Kiss
Your Midnight Kiss


Cash Cow Thorsten

Twas the night before Christmas...
Twas the night before Christmas...


Seasons Greetings, bitches!


Hello My Weak OBSESSED boys!
It's been a hot minute since My last big blog entry and for good reason...I've been busy making lots and lots of money, producing mesmerizing and erotic clips and adding weak addicted boys to My collection of minons. ;) If you follow Me on twitter, you've seen My epic accomplishments but for those of you dummies that may not be following, here is a sweet screencap from Clips4sale, where I was in the Top 50 Studios this month. I got all the way up to #22!...not bad for only having My studio up since this summer.

$pend and Stroke for Me boys...
Keep My studio in the Top 50, where it belongs.

I had an awesome birthday. Some of you were good boys and sent Me CA$H, cards, letters of admiration and lovely gifts. If you were one the idiots whodidn't...then immediately punch yourself in the balls 10 times and then take your pathetic ass over to My wishlist and do the right thing and SPEND. I celebrate My birthday ALL month long and that do YOU.
Get $pending and $poiling --> MY WISHLIST
OR you may send gift cards to: Worship Goddess Lolita @

My Birthday Gifts...

I ADORE this hello kitty wallet, it's the cats meow! ;) I've gotten SO many compliments on it. It must be rare or something because the price has almost doubled since My slave purchased this for's now $95 on amazon.

Cute nailpolish....I'm wearing the one on the far right.

More hello kitty!
I love's a humidifier and nightlight all-in-one.

I purchased this Clarisonic from Sephora with a GC a loser sent Me. 

This at home microdermabrasion was purchased with a $200 GC from a loyal minion of Mine. I haven't tried it yet but it looks interesting. 

A few other random gifts purchased with GC's

And just look at this sexy black corset....
purchased by a certain boy who is so good to Me. looks much better on ;)

And last but not least....$350 in Cash Tributes

Also, I've found another way to rape your big, fat wallets....
I've opened up an Images4sale studio!
I know you perverts are getting so stiff in the pants at the thought of purchasing and worshiping My gorgeous photos. Buying My picture sets is a great way for you weak boys to strengthen your addiction to Me. And also a wonderful opportunity for you to build a shrine in My divine honor and kneel and prey to Me every single day. Consider this My Christmas gift to you. lol. 
I have 1000's of sexy pictures...I will updating very soon!
Bookmark My studio and keep an eye out!

*** NEW CLIPS***

Stroke but don't cum game
Stroke but don't cum game

Under My Influence

Sexy School Girl JOI
Sexy School Girl JOI

Financial Fuck Over Part 8
Financial Fuck Over Part 8

Fishnets and Stilettos Tease
Fishnets and Stilettos Tease

Crushing your Manhood

Upshirt Titty Tease

Financial Fuck Over Part 7
Financial Fuck Over Part 7

Well, I guess that wraps it up for now...In the meantime keep spending, worshiping and growing your addiction to Goddess Lolita. Now repeat after Me...
Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING and i am nothing.
Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING and i am nothing. 
Goddess Lolita is EVERYTHING and i am nothing. 
This is your new mantra. Learn it, Live it, LOVE it!

Seasons Greetings & Merry Christmas, bitches!



I am pleased to announce... 
is now

Birthday Countdown!!!

Hello Boys...
Guess what...the countdown has begun!...only 17 days left until My Birthday on December 6th. I know you 're probably asking yourself what YOU can do this year to make My birthday a special one for Me. Well boys, there are many ways to show your devotion on this divine, take note:
1.) First and foremost...CA$H is King Queen.
This is My #1 favorite type of tribute/gift. I absolutely adore opening letters and seeing lots of crisp hundred dollar bills waiting for Me spend.
You may send birthday cards, letters of worship and love letters (with cash inside, of course) to:
Ms. L
P.O. Box 687
Havertown, PA 19083

2.) I love Amazon E-Gift Cards
sent to My email: Worship Goddess Lolita @

3.) Purchase Me a gift(s) off My Amazon wishlist:
$$$ My Amazon Wishlist $$$
(I labeled them in order of  priority, so you can better please Me.)

4.) Tributes via My Kinkbomb Studio
Tribute $500

5.) Also, I encourage My worshipers from around to globe to show your devotion to Me by making a video of yourself...singing, dancing and wishing "Goddess Lolita a Happy Birthday" This would put a smile on My face (not as much as money or gifts...but it's a fun option)
And lastly....Celebrate My Birthday properly, by buying ALL of My clips. Do not stop until you've added every single clip to your "Goddess Lolita Clip Shrine" 
You will kneel before My perfection.
You will Submit yourself to Me.
You will become Obsessed.
You will give Me EVERYTHING you have.

Happy Birthday to Me!

*** New  Clips ***

Fucking with your Weak Mind

Total Surrender

Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 2

Financial Fuck Over Part 6

Smoking Temptress

Rump Shaker


Fabulous Stuff... this is pretty Fabulous!
I made the #48 Clips4sale Studio (Overall)

My "Naughty Goldilocks JOI" hit the #4 Clip
(in the Masturbation Instructions category)

and ALL of My Tit Worship Clips are
in the top 20 Top Clips! (in the "Tit Worship" category)


*** New Clips ***

Naughty Goldilocks JOI

Financial Fuck Over Part 5

Upskirt Ignore

Vintage Bra Tease

Financial Fuck Over Part 4

Anywho, it's late...I'm tired. I had a long weekend of Halloween parties and festivities. I have a ton of emails in My inbox....I will try to get to all of them this between filming new clips. In the meantime...keep $pending and fueling your addiction to Me like good boys.
Goddess Lolita

More Money! Mer Pengar! Más Dinero!

Mmmm....I've been luxuriating in the cash of weak, addicted, mindless money slaves all this week...and I simply LOVE it!
$$$ I can never have enough. $$$
Fuck your wife, fuck your girlfriend, fuck your bills....your money belongs to ME now. You know how thrilling it is to hand over every last dollar to Goddess Lolita. You know you can not resist the intense desire to give Me EVERYTHING.
So, do it boy...give Me EVERYTHING!
Fall DEEPER into My WEB.

***Here are some highly erotic screen caps from this week!***

My UK Money Slave:

Mmmm...that's My good boy. We both know that you can't resist Me...I am in your thoughts and fantasies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every time you close your eyes, it's Me that you see. Time to whip out that credit card and give in to ME. I want it ALL. ;)

And this is all from
My New Swedish Money Slave: that's a wonderful first impression. I know you can't help are sooo weak. You crave MORE, don't you My Swedish Bitch! Mer Pengar for Goddess Lolita! ;)

And Lastly...
My Spanish Money Slave:
I know you can't resist coming back for the entire collection! Mmm....Más Dinero for Goddess Lolita! ;)

....coming soon Financial Fuck Over Part 5!


As a Twitter fan put it: "There must be something very special about you to explain your extraordinary success Miss Lolita."
My response: "naturally, extraordinary success for an extraordinary woman."

#1 Clips4sale studio in the "Financial Domination" category!

AND #1 Clips4sale studio in the "Tit Worship" category!

In other news:
I received My first pair of uggs from a weak little foot worshipper!

Aren't they cute! ;) I love them. I want MORE!
Click HERE to visit My wishlist

More lovely gifts that I've recently received:

...and of course, MORE Yummy Ca$h! 

Amusing Fan Mail:

*******New Clips*******

Expensive Obsession

Financial Fuck Over Part 3

Pure Tit


The Feet You Worship

Spandex Tits

Like My Bloody Halloween inspired nails ;) 

Also, I've listed many drool worthy
auctions on ebanned. 
Here's a sneak peek at some of the items up for bids...

 Don't miss this exciting chance to win and Worship My divine Goddess Memorabilia!
CLICK HERE to start bidding! 
Goddess Lolita


Mmm...this is soooo Fucking Hot...

Needless to say,
Financial Fuck Over Part 3....coming soon! ;)


Topping the Charts...

Check it out, dorks!
Your sublime Goddess is topping the charts on
Clips4sale & Kinkbomb! :)

#1 Studio in the "Tit Worship" category

ALL of My "Tit Worship" Clips have made the top 25 list!

I'm also the #2 "Financial Domination" studio!

and over at Kinkbomb, I'm the #26 Studio overall:

$$$ New Clips:

Mindless Money Slave

Financial Fuck Over Part 1

Seduced Into Financial Slavery

Silky Brunette Locks

Tantalizing Feet

Financial Fuck Over Part 2

In conclusion...keep buying My Clips and Worshiping Me, boys! I want you all weaker and weaker for Me. I want you on your knees... BEGGING to serve Me. I want your brain consumed by thoughts and images of Me and only Me. I am your only true DESIRE.
Goddess Lolita

Femme Fatale

Made some very sexy updates to My clips studios, check it out :)


Hottest Tits On Clips4sale! ;)

Hehe...yes boys, was there ever a doubt in your mind that I have the hottest, most perfect, mouthwatering natural DDD tits around?... Well now it's Official!...I am the #1 "Tit Worship" studio on Clips4sale!

Be sure to check out My Latest Clip:
"Just one look and I had you never had a chance to escape Me."

Btw....If you are on My YIM list and you haven't made yourself useful to Me lately...consider yourself DELETED from My life. I honestly can't stand time wasting jerk offs. Buh bye cheap ass
L-O-S-E-R-S! From now on, if you want to be added to My will have to PAY Me for the privilage. Like I always say....NO MONEY, NO HONEY!

Recent tributes...

...and Cold Hard CA$H, My favorite.

 Shop My Wishlist  --> Clicky <--

Goddess Lolita

Falling Deeper Into My Web...

Hi Dorks...
Time for a little overdue update. Well, it's almost Fall!...My favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the smell of burning leaves, horror movies and of course...Halloween! If you boys follow My ebanned auctions, you know that I have many sexy costumes and I love to play dress up. I'm always excited to receive new sexy costumes, so I've created a costume wishlist! All of the costumes bought will be used in future auctions and videos! This is a great way for you pervs to see Me in something special that you've picked out just for's a win/win for both of us. ;)
Click HERE to view My costume wishlist on amazon. 

Moving on....My C4S and Kinkbomb sales have been
a-m-a-z-i-n-g lately! You boys are really eating up My clips and making Me very pleased...SO, I am going to be focusing most of My attention on My clips stores from now on! How exciting....right! ;) 
My C4S Clips have nearly TRIPLED since I've opened up My store back in June...and My Kinkbomb sales have done the same! Woo Hoo!


New Clip Just Added!
Haunting Red Lips...
Anywho...I received a few awesome gifts off of My amazon wishlist, which I will post in My next blog. I always LOVE being 
$$$ Spoiled. $$$ Send Amazon e-gift cards to worship goddess lolita (no spaces)
Til Next time
xoxo Goddess Lolita

Gifts and Tributes Update...

Hi Dorks! 
Here's a look a some of My recent gifts and tributes:

My Buddha Candle holder! Love it! I had one of these and it broke during a My bitch boy replaced it for Me!

Another gift from bitch boy. He got to see Me in it, but you losers will just have to fantasize about it. :p

Sexy Heels from Footbitch. (Missing are the Chinese Laundry Women's Kipp Boots that the bitch bought Me, they were too I had to send them back for the next size up)

Fucking awesome pink thigh high boots from Sub C! :)

AND...not only did Sub C spoil Me....but he also spoiled My precious kitties as well!!! :) He knows the way to My heart! <3

The following items where purchased with amazon gift cards from random admirers ;)

(I love this game!)

And last but not least...

Cold Hard Ca$h from My sock slave....
---> Take note, $$$CASH$$$ is My Favorite type of Tribute! <---

A postcard from My Spanish Bitch :)

Anywho, I'm going to be busy this week making new clips! Have a clip idea for Me?...Send requests/ideas to worship goddess lolita @ (no spaces)
....however, clip requests are most likely to be produced, if there is a nice...biiiig, fat TRIBUTE attached! Got it, losers. ;)

Ta Ta for now!
xoxo Goddess Lolita

Now, get to work. No excuses!

Follow Me on Twitter (@Goddess_Lolita)

No Money, No Honey...

Just a few quick updates....
My Motto: No MoneyNo Honey! 

My Clips4sale Store is Open! Go $pend!!!!


Yesterday My Kinkbomb Studio Reached the 
Top 25 "Hot Studios"
Keep buying up My clips boys!
“Hot Studios” – The hottest selling studios within the last 24 hours.

Why Hello There Dahling....
Don't I look Simply Divine and Fabulous in this Picture ;) hehe
So, I've been quite busy this week making new videos for My Kinkbomb store and Clips4sale store. My Clips4sale Studio is very close to being ready to open....I just need 2 more videos to meet the needed 10 videos requirement to open a store....I was hoping to have it up and running by this weekend, but I got a little side tracked with My ebanned auctions! My auctions kicked ASS this week! (see pics) Those are the kind of bids I like to see....keep it up boys....I'm worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

Check it out!...All of My shoes from Footbitch have arrived!!! Yay! I added up the total for all the shoes, nail polishes, etc. and the grand total comes to a little over $500! Nice work Footbitch, as of this week....I am crowning YOU My #1 Bitch and My best Slave. Congrats! :)

Btw...Lolita'sBitchBoy don't think I haven't noticed that you've been M.I.A. again!Naughty, Naughty!
Up your game, SLUT....Don't make Me have to punish you...You've been warned.

Oh and lastly....Fag Face has gone into hiding, since he ended up on the front page of last Wednesday's Domme Dose! LMFAO!
 Geez, you'd think the Bitch would thank Me for making him semi-famous! I guess...what can you really expect from a subhuman, who sits in his grandma's basement, smothering his ugly face in used pantyhose and jerking off to the thought of sucking men's cocks. No worries, losers like Fag Face are a dime a dozen.

Think you have what it takes to be My next Humiliation victim? Send your emails and videos to Worship Goddess Lolita (no spaces)
I look forward to degrading and humiliating you Pigs for My benefit and amusement. ;)

Now make yourself useful losers....

Current Ebanned Auctions:
User ID: Lolita4ever

Ta Ta for now!
Goddess Lolita