Friday, June 28, 2013

Hand it over....

T.G.I.F! Yes boys, it's Friday... time to hand over all of that cold hard cash that you slaved away for this week. You should have no problem finding ways to TRIBUTE, $ERVE and $POIL your Goddess this weekend. I have tons of new clips that I've posted recently for you to obsess over. And I've added lots of items to My Amazon Wishlist. FYI - it is mandatory that you spoil/tribute Me weekly, if you truly desire to be a good boy for Goddess Lolita. Amazon e-gift cards are always accepted... love them! (Send to: WorshipGoddessLolita(at)yahoo(dot)com)
 And of course there is always My tribute buttons on Clips4sale and on Kinkbomb. Remember, if you are not tributing weekly, then you are simply a waste of space and not worthy of My time or attention.

WooHoo! I've got the Number 12 Studio on Kinkbomb!

Oh yeah, I hit over 800 purchased items on My wishlist! Pretty awesome...but as you know, this only makes Me want More and More and MORE! Let's get Me to 900 by the end of summer shall we! ; ) I will be posting the many lovely gifts I've received lately in My next blog post shortly... stay tuned!

Also, if you follow Me on twitter you know that I've created a brand new tumblr page. You can find Me here:

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:::::: New Clips ::::::

Glow-in-the-dark Lips

Oily Shiny Boob Tease

Drunkk Off Wine



Financial Fuck Over Part 22

Silky Blue Bra Seduction

Nude Kissable Lips

Bunny Slippers Rip-Off

Sexy Bodystocking JOI

Big Shiny Boobs Rip-Off 2

Talented Tongue

Catwoman Mind Control

Voices in your head 5.0

*** Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! ***

Tight Dress Tit Tease 3

School Girl Lollipop Tease

Hypnotic Titty Trance Part 7

*** Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! ***

Another Realm

*** Already a Number 1 Top Selling Clip! ***

Big Shiny Boobs Rip-Off

Wicked Lips

Sexy Saliva

Black Lace Seduction

Financial Fuck Over Part 21

Psychedelic Blue Lips

Lost in My Eyes

Lollipop Sweetie

Until next time!
xoxo Goddess Lolita